Men on Campus (M.O.C.) is a father involvement initiative with goals of incorporating positive male role models and father figures into Katy I.S.D. schools. Primarily M.O.C. utilizes the Men on Campus program but is willing and able to support any father involvement initiatives with similar goals. We are interested in all grade levels, not just Elementary, our Junior and High school students need us as well. Our partnership with Katy I.S.D. through Partners in Education (PIE) will enable us to reach every school in Katy to assist in streamlining current male engagement programs as well as create new ones.

While many of the schools in the area may already have this type of program in place, we want to hear from you. Does your school have a program that is strictly catered to male involvement? If not, we want to help you get started. Maybe your school has had a thriving program in the past and it has fallen by the wayside. Are you interested in supporting a program for positive male role models at your school? We want to help, let us know!

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